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patio slabs Stafford

Patio Slabs Stafford

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Whether you want a quiet place to curl up with a book or an area to entertain friends, a patio is the ideal spot. We’ll help you make the most of your outdoor space by connecting you with patio slabs Stafford professionals. It doesn’t matter if you have an elaborate patio in mind or a relatively simply one, because all the contractors in our network are experienced in patio construction and design.
Types of Stafford Patio Slabs: While concrete is the most popular material used for patios, there are actually lots of other choices to consider. Brick and natural stone can be secured with mortar to create a cottage-like feel to your backyard. Clay or cement pavers could also be used to create a one-of-a-kind patio slab. Wood patios can lend a rustic charm to your garden, and some of the best woods to consider include cedar, teak and cypress. Ceramic tile could also be placed over the top of a wooden or concrete floor to give it a more elegant look.
Considerations: When designing a patio, you need to take several things into account first. You’ll first need to make sure the location has the right amount of slope to allow for drainage; otherwise, your patio slab could buckle after a short time. The ground may need to be graded a great deal in order to ensure there is adequate slope and that the finished product will be as level as possible. Concrete patio slabs require contractors to build forms, which are essentially frames that hold the wet mortar into place as it dries. Rebar or steel mesh can be placed in concrete to help reinforce it and keep it from buckling.
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Stafford patio slab costsUses for Patio Slabs Patio slabs Stafford can be ideal for a number of uses, especially when they are covered by a full or partial roof or surrounded with a privacy fence or shrubbery. A few of the ways you may consider using them include:

• Barbequing for friends and family members
• Holding an outdoor fire pit
• Sunbathing to obtain that perfect summer tan
• Relaxing with a good book or magazine
• Being an oasis for birds when a birdbath and feeder are put in place
• Playing children’s games such as ring toss or four-square
• Holding a container garden full of fresh flowers, fruits and vegetables
Finding a Reputable Contractor: The quality of workmanship varies from one contractor to the next. Some things to consider when hiring a contractor are the number of years the company has been in business and their experience in designing custom patios. If possible, it can be helpful to see pictures of the contractor’s previous work, or better yet, examine it in person. Asking friends and family members who have recently had a new patio addition for recommendations is a great way to find out about a company’s reputation. You can also contact us, as we have reliable providers in our network who will complete the job to your exact specifications.
Stafford Patio Slab Costs: Patios slabs Stafford vary in cost based upon the type of material used to construct them and their size. The total cost can be significantly higher if the ground where these slabs are being poured needs a great deal of grading first. The type of forms used to pour concrete slabs with can affect the bottom line as can the amount of rebar used to support the cement. Contractors may give discounts for work done during the off-season, since they are trying to attract more customers whenever they are not busy. You could receive a discount if the contractor is performing other work such as partially enclosing the patio or creating an outdoor kitchen.
Your Stafford patio slab questions answered
  • What are the best materials to use for patio slabs? Stone, concrete, tile, and brick are popular choices for patios for their durability and aesthetic appeal. The use of a specific material depends largely on the patio environment.
  • How can slabs be kept from bumping into each other? Slabs should be separated by a layer of sand to keep them from bumping into and damaging each other.
  • What are some things to consider when pouring a patio slab? You should ensure the concrete is evenly mixed and the right consistency. It is also important for the finished product to be level and contain a smooth surface on top.
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